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Construction work planning

Pre-Construction Planning

Pre-construction is the all-encompassing planning stage of a construction project. Our design team, general contractors, and our client all work together to develop designs, schedules, budgets, and more. The process is highly collaborative and communicative.

1. Scope

Planning is a vital part of an project. This is where our client and design team create what will become the playbook for your project.


3. Details

The fine details are what make every project unique. Once the design is finalized, a schedule can be made to execute each phase of construction.


5. Materials

The quality of materials can make all the difference. We will pay special attention to materials that require early ordering so that you can avoid delays. Obtaining materials will be worked into the overall project schedule to maximize efficiency.

House logs

7. Communication 

A successful pre-construction process lays the groundwork for effective communication down the line. The client, design team, and contractor will work together to solidify a communication plan that works best for everyone.

Engineers and Businesspeople

2. Budget

Contractors and designers will take your vision and work together to provide you with realistic cost expectations. They will include alternative options to help lower your budget if necessary or include more premium options if you have room to spend.


4. Team

Each phase of construction work will require different skillsets and capacities. We will secure teams of contractors who specialize in your project design.

Construction Workers

6. Permits & Inspections

Required permits and inspections are a portion of the pre-construction planning process that cannot be skipped. Construction can not legally begin until all permit requirements are met and approved. 

Inspecting a Prefabricated Wall
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